17 reasons why use Mozilla Firefox

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17 reasons why use Mozilla Firefox

Post  Rynn on Sun Dec 16, 2007 8:15 pm

1. Firefox is completely free of charge
2. Small size, fast startup
3. Safety, and the current prevalence of the Internet virus on the IE browser Firefox browser had no effect
4. Tab style of browsing, when opening multiple pages, easier to use than IE.
5. User-friendly by the majority of users accustomed Shortcuts. Ctrl + B tune as a bookmark, add ctrl + Enter. Com to the address bar.
6. Rich free plug-ins, everything.
7. Variety of beautiful skin skin (style) easy to install.
8. Green software can be unloaded, will be left.
9. Built-in functions bounced out window
10. Ban can be very convenient / open on the site-specific picture download. Picture can be used to deal with advertising.
11. RSS bookmark bookmark
12. Convenient than IE bookmarks manager
13. Powerful download manager
14. Built-in grammar and brightest html source code reader
15. Built better javascript debugging window.
16. Convenient scalable google search box
17. Open-source software, more scalable, no backdoor system.
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