Break ur Microsoft document security

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Break ur Microsoft document security

Post  Rynn on Tue Dec 04, 2007 11:15 pm

Using Word file protection, we often use to form Protection (Tools → protection), with the protection of the most thorough form, users can not edit, and also impossible to affix the cutting operation.

To test our own:

First establishment of a word document, the use of a form of protection means protecting documents:
Tools → protect documents → tick "in the document only allows the use of this type of editing approach" → choice "to fill in the form."
This will pop up a password box, input 2nd password (I am here to choose 123 as a word document passwords), so that the document has to be protected up.

Then we cracked it:
The word has just opened the establishment of documents, archives → Save stall → choose new website format, depositors as a HTML document,
Use Notepad open the HTML document, search "<w: UnprotectPassword>", you will see 5 BCECF7A message (if your password is used 123).
Then we used UltraEdit, or other similar tools open initially protected Word document, search 7 ACFCE5B, search, use the 8 0 instead of, archiving.
At this time the Word document passwords were emptied, you can cancel the paper to protect themselves, do not have to input a password, according to a Enter on OK.
MicroSoft has not provided a patch this loophole, I think the short-term may also can not solve this problem, the proposed document will not beyond the protection of this thing
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