How to hide ur ip for prevent hacker

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How to hide ur ip for prevent hacker

Post  Rynn on Tue Dec 04, 2007 11:28 pm

Novice hide your IP address

The most vulnerable to Internet hackers, that is, those catenary soon to prevent awareness and prevention technologies poorer newcomers. They logged Forum, the message, Web chat rooms, Web sites and send and receive letters logged, unwittingly leaving their true IP address. This IP addresses so that hackers can easily find their computer. "IP network novice hidden device" to hide our real IP address, the opportunity to reduce the attacks.
1, first of all, has been identified with the network connections well, then click on "the latest proxy server" button in the right side of the window will give some proxy server information.

2, choose one of HTTP proxy server. In the top of the interface and "proxy server IP" and "proxy server port" column Enter the corresponding IP address and port number. When completed, click "start test" button and test the speed of the server, and if the "speed, can be used" in a state of significant bright, then we can use the server. Otherwise it would re-select.
3, selected a suitable proxy server, and then click on "the use of agent" button, can be their IP addresses replaced by the proxy server's IP address. Trip! Test to see it
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