Chatting with the people who at same website with u

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Chatting with the people who at same website with u

Post  Rynn on Wed Dec 05, 2007 12:04 am

With looking at the person with a website chat
Not necessarily want to chat online-software installed immediately, there is no need to specifically go to Internet chat rooms. "Gabbly" This very special services, and will allow you to stay in the same web of mutual chat, as long as it is currently visit the same Web site, can communicate each other using the written word, but do not have to install the software!

Steps are as follows:
No matter what you are in the web browser, so long as the web site, insert the words " /" press [Enter], it will jump out of a chat window (the window to the right side will emerge a chat window), so that all the same browser the website can chat here, and if not satisfied with the default nickname, can also "Name" field changes.

* For instance, the entry Yahoo!!Home, the web site "" into the "" on it.

Each page can be used, but see if there is any person Rafah

Official website more and more people to be LAG
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