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WinRAR v3.71

Post  Rynn on Wed Dec 05, 2007 12:20 am

Compression software] WinRAR v3.71 Chinese crack-free installation of a button-free registered version

【Software】: WinRAR v3.71
【Software language:: English
【Software types: The compression software
[File format]: EXE self stalls
[File Size:: 1.5 MB
【Upload space: The BDG
[Effective date: The space since Hom

Software Profile】

WinRAR features - multi-functional integrated management program tarball
WinRAR compression algorithms use original. This can be compared to other compression tools in the PC still higher compression rate, especially against the implementation of stalls, object library and large text file, and so on.
WinRAR compression algorithms to provide selected information to enhance the multimedia compression ratio.
WinRAR support more than 9223372036854775807 byte size of the files and compressed files, as for the number of compressed files are not restricted.
WinRAR provide ZIP compressed file integrity of the support, but also of CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR tarballs packet.
WinRAR support NTFS file encryption and information flow.
WinRAR new capabilities and features, such as mouse interactive graphics interface, menu and command-line interface.
WinRAR provide a "strong compression" tarballs function, which can upgrade than the general compression method numerous 10% - 50% compression rate, especially for many small files compressed even more remarkable.
WinRAR provide default and extend the use of the self-module, the establishment and modification of self-extracting files.
WinRAR archives to provide a multi-segmentation self-stall capacity.
WinRAR offers many service functions, such as setting passwords, and files to tarballs annotation. Even tarballs damage due to external forces, but also can automatically repair can also lock tarballs avoid a revision.
Certification can also provide further information security guarantee, WinRAR will be recorded recently updated information and tarballs name.
WinRAR in the footnotes to provide support ANSI esc-sequence. This will allow the use of color footnotes, does not require an additional driver to have ANSI ANSI functions.

WinRAR 3.71 version features introduced
1. Rar.log errors in the records were never tarball use full path.
2. WinRAR work out icons compatible with the high-DPI display mode.
3 If you edit in external editor files encrypted files compressed files which, when filed will not be the WinRAR
Asked password, and open compressed files will be used when the input passwords.
4. Correct mistakes:

A) Switches - tl and [to the file sets the time for the latest tarballs time option will be the first version of failure,
Often as a system of time;

B) If - ag switch shielding tarballs containing the serial number, and in minutes, and other characters, have created pressure WinRAR
Shrinkage files, compressed files to the serial number greater than 1 are placing characters "I" to replace minutes value;

C) in the high ISO stalls yuan ASCII name, the use of the ISO 9660 format, the format did not display correctly Joliet Deputy stalls;

D) WinRAR extract some damage in the RAR compressed files will be when the swap;

E) If the [conversion tarballs] set [completion of the closure computer], WinRAR groups in the interim choice
End for the first tarballs after shutdown, instead of converting all groups after customs;

F) If in Vista, users stall in the self-chosen path does not exist goal will be repeated in "Better
A new self-stall window ";

G) WinRAR deal with ACE tarball, extract the files using drag and drop individual files to the sub-folder unsuccessful.

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