Free ratings (which can be watched worldwide each)

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Free ratings (which can be watched worldwide each)

Post  Rynn on Wed Dec 05, 2007 8:35 am

Papillon ~ "Wudie" ratings -

【Software】: Papillon ~ "Wudie" ratings -
[Branch] support: English
【Storage space: The
[File Size:: 5.09 MB
【File types: The Windows Installer package
【Sharing deadline: The permanent

For the media, provide users with the use of players to watch. While each of these websites for the information broadcast format not compatible, forcing
Computer users must install in their own different player software; to users, causing great inconvenience.

Papillon ~ "Wudie" viewership of broadcast information against various formats to achieve a single player mode integration software
As consideration for the needs of the users to provide concise and practical benefits. Install only once, you will be able to watch the world each
On the public broadcast network programs, in the future planning will also be watching for their program channels. Of course!
Software ... completely free!

"Wudie" ratings for the broadcast can only be used to search on the Internet a reality and open dissemination of digital content, in addition End
Not all the players involved in all of these digital content with no correlation with the program content.

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