Sleipnir2.58 web browser

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Sleipnir2.58 web browser

Post  Rynn on Wed Dec 05, 2007 7:41 pm

Sleipnir Japanese believe that the world is the first browser, it is at the core IE, and integration NetCaptor, Opera,
Netscape Browser three advantages in one, a super browser functions, some other family functions, it almost always,
Some of its functions, but not necessarily of other homes, with more powerful scripting editing capability, can simulate other browser function and the ease of use
Allows users to design new features, equivalent to the all-encompassing.
General multi-window browser with by the filter advertising, multi-agent set to start website groups, fast search engine, automatic re -
Collating, window zoom, the replacement panels ..., and other functions, to mention its natural

the links at here
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