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Post  Rynn on Wed Dec 05, 2007 7:46 pm

不慌不忙v2.5-free installation - easily hidden window.

Software description:
I think we both had busy hands busy feet minimize window (or Close window) experience!
The reason is simple - do not want to sudden boss, mother,
Wife see our computer screens are showing the games, diaries, MM, and other matter of personal privacy Dongdong.

This software will be able to resolve these troubles you, when you mouse left and right at the same time pressed,
Software will be able to quickly display window is hidden,
Remove artificial target and press the top right corner of each window that the small poor minimize the expense of the buttons.
Danger Mouse lifted again when the left and right buttons can also press the hidden window restoration.

In addition there are programs closed voices reservations about certain window, custom shortcuts, hide desktop, hidden work out,
Closure program, and other auxiliary functions. Software easy operation, the interface is simple and does not require too much time will be able to operate and groping.

Program features:
First, the implementation of this program, at the same time press the mouse button around all windows can be hidden, and again at the same time? Resume.
Second, click on the button settings can be defined shortcuts.
Third, users can choose hidden in the list box window when some reservations, not so hidden window after a blank screen.
Fourth, users can use voice of the closure of the hidden features such can be assured of watching movies and hear songs.

link at here
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