Learn this move, I will no long worried that the most comput

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Learn this move, I will no long worried that the most comput

Post  Rynn on Wed Dec 05, 2007 8:46 am

這是一個連自稱是電腦高手的您都不一定知道的高招哦 .....

以救回自己或朋友的電腦而不須重灌哦 .....




當開機進入Windows之前,按 [F8] 鍵
選擇[5. Cmmand prompt only]項
出現 C:\後,輸入scanreg /restore
ENTER .....就可恢愎原貌。
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Re: Learn this move, I will no long worried that the most comput

Post  Fantasy on Wed Dec 05, 2007 7:41 pm

english version

This is a company claiming to be a computer expert to know that you are not necessarily the tactics oh .....
(Therefore, the provision out for your reference)

Please remember it, especially computer experts claiming to be the you, maybe you can
To save themselves or a friend's computer without reperfusion oh .....

When your computer can not die when a plane can operate out step by. Use log files
Let Windows resurrect ah ..... Sometimes, because of some unknown causes
Unable to enter the Windows system, not even safe mode to save .....

If you have information on the hard disk is still the case, it can use this log file-scanreg
- And let you return to the system before the appearance of a few days ago .....

Operating the following manner:

When the boot into the Windows before, according to bond [F8]
Choose [5. Command prompt only] items
There C: \ scanreg / restore
Choose a date stalls, as is the attention to date computer when the plane before the date of the stalls
The case, gently press
ENTER ..... can resume original appearance.
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