7 steps to get back ur lost document in Microsoft Word

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7 steps to get back ur lost document in Microsoft Word

Post  Rynn on Tue Dec 04, 2007 11:12 pm

You tried to open a Word document, if the system did not respond, then the possible reasons are that document has been damaged. At this time, please try the methods described in the following, you may be able to restore all or part of the loss.

First, automatic storage of changes have not reduced

Word provides "automatic reduction" feature can help users find programs and to cease the problems encountered when responding to the message has not yet stored.
In fact, you have to work results in the absence of storage on the computer and restart Word, the system will open the "paper reduction" task pane, which identifies the program to stop response to the reduction of all the files.
Files were behind the indicator is the state that has been in the reduction process by the actions of the archives, which: "original file" refers to the last manual storage of the original files; "reduction" means in the reduction process has been reinstated files, or in the "automatic reduction" in the storage process has been stored files.
"Reduction document" task pane will allow you to open files, examine and repair what has been reinstated versions were compared. Then you can store the best version and delete other versions, or save all open files for future preview.
However, the "paper reduction" task pane is the Word XP to provide new features in the previous version, Word will automatically restore directly to the files opened and displayed.

Second, restore files manually open

In serious breakdowns or through similar problems after restart Word, the program automatically restore any files.
If for some reason did not restore files open, you can open their own, action steps are as follows:

1. "Commonly used"toolbox, click on "open" button;

2. In the folder list, browse and restore files stored Double-click the folder. For Windows 2000/XP operating system, the position usually "C: \ documentsand settings \ \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Word" folder; If Win98/Me operating system, the position usually "C: \ Windows \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Word "folder;

3. In the "file type" box click on "all the files." Each reduction File Name shown as "The automatic reduction 'storage file name" and the implementation of stall vice stalls;

4. Click to restore the file name, then click on "open" button.

Third, "opened and repairing" archives

Word XP provides a new document damage reduction method, action steps are as follows:

1. In the "File" menu, click on "open" direction;

2. "Find scope" list, click to open the file, including the drive, folder, or Internet location;

3. In the list of folders, including archives browser and open the folder;

4. To restore selected files;

5. Click on the "open" button next to the arrow, and then click on "open and repaired."

4. Reduction from arbitrary text files

Word provides an "arbitrary files from the reduction in the text" file converters can be used to extract files from arbitrary text.
To use the file converters restore damaged files in the letter, action steps are as follows:

1. In the "tools" menu, click "Options" command, then click the "general" function; 2. In recognition function menu "at the opening of confirmation conversion" option box, click "OK" button 3. In the "File" menu, click on "open" direction; 4. In the "file type" box, click on "arbitrary files from the reduction in the text." If the "file type" box did not see "arbitrary files from the reduction in the text," they need to install the corresponding file converters. Installation methods not repeat 5.像平常一样open the document.
At this point, the system will escape from the "Conversion File" dialog box, select the file format needed.
Of course, if damaged Word documents from the reduction in the text, choose "text", click "OK" buttons.
However, select the "text" mode open the document, only the reduction in ordinary text documents, original documents and objects in the picture format will disappear, Page Header, Page Footer, and other non-text messages have become common language.

Five to prohibit the implementation of automatic macro

If a Word document including erroneous automatic macro code, then when you try to open the document, one of the automatic macro wrong not because of the implementation of standards, thereby triggering the wrong document can not be opened.
At this time, please "Windows Explorer", press and hold the Shift key and then double-click the Word document can prevent the implementation of automatic macro, will be able to open the document.

Sixth, the establishment of a new model of Normal

Word in the Normal.dot template files stored in the default message, if the template files were damaged, may trigger unable to open the Word document mistake.
At this point, the establishment of a new Normal template, action steps are as follows:
1. Close Word;

2. Windows "start" menu in the "Find" or "search" commands to find all the Normal.dot file, and rename or delete them.
For example, in Windows XP, please click "start" and then click on "Search" and then click on "all files and folders" in the "File name in whole or in part" box, type "normal.dot" in " here search for a "list box, click the hard drive to install Word, click on" Search "button.
Find completed, the list of results right-click the "Normal" or "Normal.dot" and then click "to rename" commands, the file type a new name, such as "Normal.old", then press the Enter key;

3. Start Word
At this time, due to rename Word could not distinguish the Normal template files, it will automatically create a new Normal template.

7, show that the solution chaos

In using the above method to open your Word document damage, if the contents of the documents showed that confusion, then you can last a paragraph in all marked copy to a new document, may be able to solve the garbage characters, action steps are as follows:

1. Selected final marked a paragraph in all content, methods are: Home at the same time? Crtl + bond portfolio, and press Crtl + Shift + End combination of keys, press the Shift + ← final bond portfolio;

2. "Commonly used"toolbox, followed click "copy", "new" and "with the moniker" button.
In fact, the Word document, the system by the end of a paragraph marked correlation message format settings, especially with the type of format settings. If the last paragraph in all marked copy of the new document, it may be damage to the contents remain in the original document, and in the new paper, the re-use of lost or all types of format settings
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